Are you a developer in Sami areas?

Are there development plans for areas in which you are a rights holder?

For the protection of Sami land rights in Sápmi


Some challenges for Sami rights holders

  • Mining industries
  • Wind power, hydropower and power lines
  • Forestry
  • Cabin and road construction
  • Tourism
  • Military presence, artillery ranges
  • Climate change and predators

What does Protect do?

  • Ensures predictable processes
  • Works for more thorough impact assessment
  • Focuses on evidence-based decisions
  • Prepares a complete overview of land disturbance in Sápmi - Sami areas
  • Facilitates partnerships
  • Works out long-term agreements


We can help your business

  • Open a professional dialogue with Sami rights holders
  • Create value in your own CSR work
  • Establish favorable conditions for predictable process management
  • Obtain information on how to conduct business in Sami rights areas
  • Acquire knowledge on actors, roles and rights in Sami areas