Maintains Sámi land interests


Promotes the interests of Sámi industries in modern society


Provides expert advice in land matters

Protect Sápmi

The Foundation Protect Sápmi was founded by the Sami Reindeer Herders’ Association of Norway and the National Union of the Swedish Sami People.


The purpose of the Foundation is stated in the Statutes, Section 2:


" The Foundation's purpose is to maintain and develop the Sami cultural community, including the promotion of the interests of Sami industries, adapted to the requirements of modern society. The Foundation shall build and maintain a strong and professional organization in order to provide assistance in securing the interests, land rights, resource rights and potentialities for development of Sami land rights holders.

Based on such interests and rights the trust shall be a major term-setter and a partner to the authorities and new industry players in their efforts and activities in Sami areas. The Foundation shall provide qualified advice and assistance and participate in negotiations on behalf of Sami interests as a basis for new activities in the Sami areas. Such assistance shall, if possible, be provided for a fee."


The fee is expected to be covered by the intervening actor, and not by the Sami rights holder, siida or reindeer grazing area.


Official company information:

Legal name: Foundation Protect Sápmi
Business registration number: 998 740 142
Company form
SChairman Anders Blom
NACE-code: 70.220 Business and other management consultancy activities
Address: Grønnegata 23, 9008 Tromsø
Postal address: P.O. Box 508, 9255 Tromsø
Registration date: June 1st, 2012
Founding capital: NOK 200 000,-
Board: Anders Blom, proposed by the National Union of the Swedish Sami People, Chairman
  Nils Henrik Sara,proposed by the Sami Reindeer Herders’ Association of Norway, Board Member
  Karin Karlsen, proposed by the Sami Parliament of Norway, Board Member
  Karen Anette Anti, styremedlem